TMLT Cyber liability insurance changes

You may already know that TMLT provides coverage for privacy-related claims that occur as a result of lost laptops, theft of hardware or data, improper disposal of medical records, hacking or virus attacks, and rogue employees. Did you know that TMLT cyber liability coverage is offered with every policy at no extra premium? Learn more about what TMLT’s cyber liability insurance covers.

Are you part of a group that needs high limits for cyber liability coverage? TMLT offers increased limits for purchase. Contact our underwriting team for details.

Effective January 1 the cyber liability endorsement was expanded to include:

Multimedia insurance — coverage for both online and offline media including claims alleging copyright/trademark infringement, libel/slander, advertising injuries, and plagiarism.

Cyber extortion — coverage for a threat involving a party demanding cyber extortion funds or they will:

  • release confidential information of a third party;
  • introduce malicious code;
  • corrupt, damage, or destroy the physician’s system;
  • restrict or hinder access to the system, including denial of service attack; or
  • claim to be the physician in order to obtain personal confidential information from customers.

Cyber terrorism — coverage that pays for acts of terrorism, meaning a use of force or violence for political, religious, ideological, or similar purposes, including the intent to influence a government or put the public in fear.

This coverage pays for income loss, interruption expenses, and/or special expenses.