Defend against attacks on Twitter

250,000 Twitter accounts were compromised and our account was an unfortunate victim. Beware of unusual direct Twitter messages, detailed in this story posted on the ESET threat blog.

In our research, we found the following ways to defend against attacks on your Twitter account.

  • Use a strong password that includes at least one number, one symbol, and combines upper and lower case letters.
  • Use a password that is longer than eight characters and do not use a word that can be found in the dictionary.
  • Don’t use the same password for different websites, if someone guesses one password they could get into all of your accounts.
  • Don’t give your password away.
  • Revoke connections to third-party applications that you don’t trust. You can view your Twitter third-party applications on the apps section under settings.
  • Regularly scan your computer and mobile devices for viruses.
  • Be suspicious of unusual direct messages with links.
  • Keep your browser up-to-date.
  • When visiting a link sent over social networks, be aware of the URL that the link takes you to.  If the page shows a Twitter or Facebook login, make sure the URL isn’t,, or a similar variant.

Tell us about your methods for creating great passwords. Let us know in the comments section.